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For many, current world events have sparked a sense of fear and uncertainty about what lies ahead. Yet, according to the wellness experts at Ibiza Retreats, with the right tools, we can free ourselves from fear and achieve a state of balance from within.

Said Ibiza Retreats founder and wellness coach, Larah Davis, “Anxiety has a huge impact on our health and happiness. Therefore, we need to harness different tools and techniques to feel peaceful and grounded on the inside, despite what’s happening in the world around us. The effects are transforming for our bodies and our minds, our health and our wellbeing.”

Leading the way in year-round wellness breaks, Ibiza Retreats offers a range of luxurious, pioneering and truly transforming group and tailor-made retreats for every body.

Much more than a yoga holiday, the retreats include treatments and workshops that offer deep healing and transformation, mirroring key trends such as mindfulness, digital detox and female empowerment.

Located just 2.5 hours from London and renowned for its rustic charm and stunning natural beauty, Ibiza has recently emerged as the healing epicentre of Europe. 

Ibiza Retreats can be found in its own beautifully restored finca, Casa Lakshmi Luz, set amidst breathtaking surroundings in the heart of the island. Boasting stunning gardens, a Moroccan style swimming pool, individual guest chill out areas and private chefs providing delicious organic cuisine, the finca hosts up to 10 guests, allowing plenty of private space to relax and restore.


So, what sets Ibiza Retreats apart?

Each retreat offers its own USP and a team of more than 50 of Ibiza’s most respected and experienced teachers and therapists, ensuring guests receive the very best care. This also extends to ‘after care’, incorporating a ‘back to life’ strategy and follow-up support, helping guests to embrace their wellness and retain healthier habits long after they have left the island.

Ibiza Retreats was founded in 2007 by British born Larah Davis, a holistic life coach, yoga teacher and therapist and joined in 2010 by her Co-Director Susie Howell, a yoga teacher and wellness consultant, both who left the rat race to create a more sustainable, balanced lifestyle.

Says Larah, “The speed of our internet-driven lives means we can be switched on 24/7. Because of this, people want to come to a place that is free from external pressures, allowing them to unplug from the mainframe and reconnect with themselves.”

Ibiza Retreats utilises the hidden healing treasures of the island.  And all retreats begin the day with silence, herbal island teas, chia pots and different styles of yoga and meditation.


They are as follows:

NEW – REJUVENATE – 5 nights

We believe in balance. And Rejuvenate, incorporating a mix of yoga, fitness, meditation and clean eating, will help get you out of your head and into your body. This retreat is ideal for those seeking to cultivate their own practice, find strength and balance and learn more about healthy nutrition. For those suffering with fatigue, it will awaken you in body and mind and enable you to live a more energised life.

NOURISH - WOMEN-FOR-WOMEN – 5 nights            

For those wishing to release the make-it-happen, alpha-male conditioning of modern life, this retreat uses the likes of conscious-flow yoga, Voicessence sound healing to find your true expression, massage and healing rituals, soul-coaching and Shakti dance to alleviate stored stress and re-engage with your true feminine essence. As the mask comes off, you can reconnect with your intuition, deeper emotions, sensitivity and abundance.


The ultimate digital, physical and emotional detox, this retreat invites you to unplug from the “always on” digital distractions of the 21st century. Based on a combination of mindfulness, life coaching, NLP, MET (tapping – emotional freedom technique), yoga, meditation, purifying cuisine and other healing tools and techniques, this retreat provides the space and support for you to truly feel, heal and transform. You will leave feeling rebalanced, connected to your centre and ready to live your life more harmoniously.

GET GLOWING- 5 nights (mid season) and 6 nights (high season)

Where attention goes, energy flows...  Get your glow back in body, mind and heart, with holistic energy coaching, mindfulness, re-energising massage, Reiki energy self-healing, sound healing and more. A daily empowering practice of flowing Vinyasa yoga, transformational breathing techniques, meditation and energy rebalancing will help you reconnect with what your heart needs. A highlight is a clay and salt scrub on a secluded beach.


When you let go of tension, you relax and become soft. And that softness is where you ‘arrive’ and meet yourself in the present moment. Set in a super luxurious environment on the edge of a pine forest, this retreat provides an opportunity for you to reconnect with yourself and detox in body and mind. Daily empowering Vinyasa yoga, a 1-day juice fast, a transformational Reiki treatment, massages and more world-class treatments in a stunning, luxurious location.


A break with Ibiza Retreats costs from €1,445.

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Larah Davis - Holistic Wellness Coach; NLP Master Practitioner & Life Coach; Yoga Therapist; Yoga Teacher; Retreat Specialist - founder of Ibiza Retreats and Retreats Consultant; Holistic Personal & Professional Development Specialist

When and why did you leave UK?

I left the UK in 2007, following a long and challenging separation from my ex partner. I had decided to focus my energies fully on a future where I could offer my tools and techniques for growth, self-development and healing in the island of Ibiza where I had ALWAYS felt most alive, most myself, most at one, most happy, most open, most free.

What were you doing job wise before you left?

I had built a lifestyle design business with my ex and we had a showroom on London’s New Kings Road (Parsons Green) with a private house designed and outfitted fabulously to inspire clients who wanted bespoke services.

In the background, I had been offering Life Coaching and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) for clients, and even for yoga teachers.

When was the idea/concept for Ibiza Retreats conceived?

I was originally inspired when living, working and studying in Sydney in 2001 by the concept of a truly holistic retreat, where you could come and be fully “held”, to be able to let go and allow a team of wellness experts to design you a personalised programme to cater for your needs.

Years later, when going through the stress and challenges of separation, I looked everywhere in Ibiza for a retreat that could offer me the yoga, meditation, deep nourishment and also the pampering and care that my soul and heart needed.   I could find some lovely retreats - yet nothing that truly spoke to me… and I wanted to create something to do just this!

Then, whilst managing a team of coaches for a 3-day life transformations workshop in London’s Convent Garden, I sat in on the “Visioning” with the 300 guests, my vision evolved of a retreat in Ibiza where there was space, light and nature, where I could create new perspectives… heal, renew and refocus.  And so Ibiza Retreats evolved… from this vision and from my own personal needs.   

YET when I came to Ibiza to begin the explorations of creating this project, I realised that there were already many amazing and inspiring people, like Ilona of House of Colours - running detoxing and fasting retreats, Sandra Morrel of Cas Ananda offering yoga and wellness - and several more who had been carving the path before me for many years (and even decades). 

It was more than paying homage to their previous, amazing work - it was actually also a realisation that Ibiza (then) had NO wellness nexus point that held all these incredible contacts, that could connect up the many teachers and therapists and specialists to offer special programmes and experiences. 

And that is how we began to evolve…. and through that exploration, and welcoming teachers and group leaders from abroad to organise retreats for and with them here, we developed a portfolio of hand-picked retreat locations that offer the most magic, the most relaxation, the most beautiful soulful energy and of course, practical facilities.

What was your inspiration?

A dear friend of mine had been diagnosed with cancer and had gone into shock and trauma from the diagnosis - and the prognosis of having just 3 months left to live. I drove down to her in the country and began working with her therapeutically, using every tool I had in the kit…. Visualisations and deep relaxation techniques, which immediately gave her a sense of peace and possibility… and her colour returned to her cheeks.

I saw and felt how VITAL this work we offer is, the power of the MIND to allow or disallow our health, our happiness and wellbeing.  Our health - our WELLth - is in our hands, in our heart and in our own heads…. I reconnected to my MISSION for life, my purpose….   which had begun in Sydney in 2001. 

I had first begun learning about retreats and the power of integrated holistic programmess (combing in mind, body and spiritual techniques) in Sydney when I was invited to become the manager of a Life Transformations Company. We ran workshops there and retreats in the Blue Mountains. The results were astounding - seeing people break free from the fears that had been holding them back, to connect to themselves, their true power and possibilities was awe-inspiring.   

How long was your training?

i began training in Life Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the Energy of Communication and Energetic and Spiritual Healing in 2001 in Sydney and then continued to study with leading teachers and mentors in London and South England, as well as with Yoga and Meditation teachers in Sydney and in London and around the UK. 

I have continued my training through various levels of Life Coaching, NLP, Reiki (levels 1 and 2), Yoga Alliance certified 200 hrs teaching and I am currently studying Yoga Therapy between London and Ibiza, which offers yoga as a therapeutic tool kit for empowering people to heal and strengthen themselves, in body, mind and spirit.  From emotional and mental wellbeing, to managing stress, to post-cancer recuperation, to post-operation / hip / shoulder etc   It is a fantastic medically approved diploma which takes what we are already offering onto yet another level.  We have been offering therapeutic yoga for many years, yet this is the highest credentials available in Europe.

What is the biggest benefit you have felt from your move both personally and professionally? What inspires you every day?

Ibiza’s natural beauty - pure and simple.  Always abundant, always offering flowers, fruit, possibility, beauty, softness and depth. 

What is your message to others through your own journey?

Live from your heart and care for your heart's needs, by nourishing your whole self first. You have so much more love - and positive energy to give.  By taking responsibility for your health and happiness you will achieve true WELLth - by trusting that there is more than enough - time, energy, good for everyone, you will truly be free to receive.

Larah regularly contributes to the UK media. She is currently a Contributing Wellness Consultant for Psychologies magazine and monthly yoga expert columnist for Soul and Spirit magazine.



About Susie

Best know for her unique, multi-disciplinary approach to health and wellness, celebrity yoga teacher Susie Howell draws on her integrated knowledge of yoga, holistic fitness and anatomical mindfulness to help her clients achieve true body-mind balance.

Located in Ibiza, Susie traverses the UK and Europe, sharing her knowledge and expertise with those seeking to achieve optimal physical and psychological condition.

Said Susie, ‘My philosophy is based on a more somatic approach, where I encourage my clients to get out of their heads and into their bodies. I help them to connect with themselves on a physical level, where they are feeling rather than thinking every fibre.”

“I prefer to storm up a hill first thing in the morning and then follow on with a yoga session… I like to feel a balance of physical strength and flexibility in my body as it helps me to feel balanced in mind too.”

When did you discover your passion for health and wellness? 

I worked in London at a leading advertising agency for 10 years. I lived with a constant, low-lying sense of anxiety and so I began a yoga teacher-training course on the side to help manage it. Yoga became my medicine. This was the start of my decision to change my life.  A few years later, my marriage broke down and I began to experience panic attacks. I felt I was in meltdown. I knew intrinsically that it was time to change course entirely.

I came on a month-long retreat in Ibiza. Looking back, the retreat itself was awful… the place was shabby, the food was bad and no-one even came to meet me at the airport. However, it helped me to strip back the layers and find clarity. Within 6 months, I returned to Ibiza, where I met Larah Davis, the founder of Ibiza Retreats. She was looking for a partner and we have worked together ever since, building our own amazing yoga and wellness business that is dedicated to helping and healing others.

What is your message to others through your own journey?

People are worried about making a change – it feels really scary. But you can cultivate your courage through your yoga practice. Create space, ride the waves as the practice anchors you. Trust yourself and your innate compass. You don’t have to feel stuck to your pattern. Stop looking out and look within. 

"Susie's classes are such a treat to take part in. Her style is so calm yet her classes are dynamic and offer the opportunity to learn lots. She massively helped me get my strength back after I had my first baby too and I look forward to having her teach me again this summer!"
Fearne Cotton


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