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Yoga in Sardinia



Sardinia Yoga was founded in 2010 by 2 busy Londoners who love yoga and could not find the right format of yoga holiday that suited them. “This is my dream holiday” Andrew says to guests when he is on site, and he really means it. We avoid the idea of a ‘retreat’ and prefer ‘holiday’: come and go as you please; plenty of free time to explore, play or read in the shade; great social life (but optional); plenty of meal choices (and no restrictions) and fascinating local areas to explore.

Our aim is to make yoga holidays very accessible to fit into busy modern lives because we believe yoga should fit into such a life, and therefore so should 2 or 3 yoga holidays a year. We welcome guests for short breaks to try it out, for a week or longer. Most of our guests say they have never tried this sort of holiday before and lots come back.

We opened in 2010 in Sardinia, 2015 in Majorca and 2016 in Croatia. We choose season dates to pick up good weather for outdoors yoga but not peak times. Each venue offers the same holiday concept, combined with local flavour and hospitality. We are based at 4-star family-owned beachfront hotels, big enough to take professional care of our guests, but not too big.

We fly out experienced and inspiring yoga teachers for a week each and limit the size of each yoga class so guests get plenty of professional individual attention and can make great, unexpected, progress in their yoga.

By the close of our 2016 season we had served over 2,600 yogi guests so we are really helping to fit yoga into quite a few busy modern lives.

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