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yoguh instagram challenge


Join us on our #yoguhchallenge challenge with a group of wonderful yogis and beautiful brands to help you build your #innerstrengthouterstyle and continue your wellness journey in 2018.

Starting on Valentines Day we invite you to join in with 14 challenges & mindful experiences over 6 weeks focusing on love, laughter and friendship as we join with each other to build our #yoguh family and share our journeys together.

There are exciting prizes to be won & inner strength to be achieved just keep a lookout on @yoguhlondon as well as some of our special guests and partners including Yogassential, 
By Sarah London, Kikki K, Too Wordy and The Light Centre.

Challenge Requirements:

- You must follow the @yoguhlondon and the challenge partner
- You must tag @yoguhlondon on your Instagram post, so that we can track your entries.
- You must complete each challenge using the challenge hashtag #yoguhchallenge
- You have 6 weeks to complete all the challenges. You can complete them consecutively or at your best convenience.

Starts 14th Feb, and all entries must be submitted on Instagram by 31st of March.


14 Challenge Schedule

1. Valentines Love, partnered with @jobedford21 // Share with us the yoga pose or flow that’s makes you feel most internally happy and full of love. 

2. Make your home a haven, partnered with @toowordy // Add something new to your home that is a little reminder to yourself of your #innerstrengthouterstyle 💫 This could be a new plant, fresh cushions, a family photo, candles, a framed quote. 

3. Share The Love, partnered with @em1lyh // Find your tribe and love them hard. Share your heart opener image and tag your friends, share the love! 

4. Morning Ritual hosted with @YogaSophieC and Yogassential // What is your morning ritual? We want to know. For a chance to win a private yoga class with @Yogassential share with us an image or video of your morning ritual. Wether its 15 minutes on the mat, hot lemon water, porridge topping, favourite song, we want to know. Inspire us!

5. Love, Laughter, Friendship // All about having fun with your friends. Don’t take yourself too seriously, it’s not all about being perfect, achieving the perfect pose and perfect picture for instagram, but also about having fun. 💫 What pose makes you laugh, what have you never been able to do before, who are your friends that bring joy and support to your yoga practice? 

6. Take your practice outside, partnered with @raquelle.fringe and Yogassential // Share your outdoor grounding flow or pose with us. Was this yoga on retreat last summer, or this weekend in the park? 

7. It's Tree Pose Tuesday partnered with @hannahrosecluley // Even just a few breaths in Tree Pose helps ground you if you are having a whirlwind week, it helps shake anxiety and any negativity. A wonderful way to slow down when life gets overwhelming. Share your tree pose and the benefits it has for you.

8. Do What Makes You Feel Good // Today we want to see those poses that simply make you feel amazing, something calming, something strengthening, whatever suits you. This is your personal journey it has to be right for you.

9. Dreams Can Come True, partnered with Kikki K // We challenge you to spend 5 minutes writing down 3 of your dreams and 1 thing you will do this month to achieve them. 

10. Partner Up like our founders Sylvia and Victoria // Work with your friend/sister/brother/mother & partner up into your pose of the day. Who supports you through life, business and friendship? 

11. Find Your Flow, partnered with @frankatz // Freestyle dance and flow, feel the love, flow with friends, enjoy the laughter. Do what makes you feel good. Dancing frees your mind and spirit, it is great exercise and brings a lot of love and laughter.

12. Self Care, partnered with By Sarah London // Self is essential - Take a nice long bath, a facial, a long walk, yoga class and pamper yourself. Yoguh London has teamed up with BY SARAH for a beautiful way to take care of yourself, with their BY SARAH Organic Facial Oil (30ml). 

13. Twist to Unwind, partnered with The Light Centre // Twists help you feel yourself again. Whether you’re stiff, stressed-out or feeling sluggish, a simple twist practice will leave you feeling grounded and re-energised. Share with us something wonderfully calming, as we come to the end of the month we want to focus on releasing any of the stresses you have found this month and balance them out.

14. It's Family Time, partnered with Yogassential // Get the kids involved, your mum, dad, gran, everyone, the whole family is invited to share the #yoguhlove in today's challenge. Have fun with it, get creative and enjoy. With 14 challenges complete, we are celebrating your yoga challenge and journey with a little bit of fun!

Prizes Include:

Private yoga sessions with Yogassential
Dreams Notebook, pen and candle from Kikki K
Organic face oil from By Sarah London
Yoga class at The Light Centre
Yoguh London Criss-Cross bra
Yoguh London Warrior Not Worrier Tee's
Framed Inspirational quote from Too Wordy